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At WinkyTech we are experts in developing custom web apps, so we are more than ready to meet your programming challenges head-on at a price you’ll like. We offer a wide range of professional web application development services in the most popular server-side languages and frameworks.

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We support you in developing robust cloud applications by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration and integration services, as well as platform expertise. Our technical expertise is backed up by solid experience from complex cloud.

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A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to work the exact same way across devices. This means that nothing changes or is unusable on a computer or mobile device. Features like navigation drop-downs are limited, as they can be difficult to use on mobile. And no Flash animation is used. The website is literally the same across the board, with no usability concerns regardless of the device on which it is being viewed.

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We were also a startup at the beginning so we know how a startup works and which way they grow faster. We develop best MVP software for startup to test ideas in the market.


Digital marketing has changed the concept of general marketing in today's world. A few years ago, there was not so much practice in digital marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) has played a major role in making this change possible because search engine optimization can spread a business to many people while at the same time adding a brand value to that business that makes it more credible to the general public. In the early days of search engines, there was a patchwork of rules, regulations, and playbooks. Much of this actionable content was years ahead of its time and, therefore, created problems for users and bragging rights for marketers. Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a lot more than a simple keyword search. It encompasses an entire strategy, including content marketing.

Search engines use a combination of methods to determine which websites are most relevant for particular searches. Content, page layout, and keywords are some of the most important components of Search Engine Optimization. Content that includes keywords is an important signal for relevance, and this can be found in both body copy and page headings. Combined with other factors, these search results can help your business stand out among the crowd. Ultimately, your website can achieve top rankings and get more traffic than ever.

Search Engine Optimization is a key component of marketing, and a holistic approach is the most effective way to see the results. Marketing is a continuous process of testing and tweaking, and SEO practitioners have learned the ins and outs of digital marketing. Their secret sauce is a culmination of years of experience and testing. These principles and practices should be the core of your SEO strategy. If you'd like to learn more about search engine optimization, read on!

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